Bee And Wasp Stings In Texas

I was stung by a bee in 1980 and I experienced hot and cold flashes (on an
unairconditioned bus in Texas in June), tunnel vision and extreme
tiredness. I went to the college clinic when the sting site did not heal.
It kept growing and oozing. I was told that I was very allergic to bees
and if I was stung again to go directly to a hospital.

I was stung by a bee that was on my shirt when I fastened my seat belt in
June of 1994. I had a two year old and a five year old in the car with
me. I did not know where a hospital was, and this was before cell phones.
So I drove to my doctors office as quickly as I could. I got there at
5:15. The clinic had closed at 5. I asked the receptionist to find out
if anyone was available to ask for advice about what I should so. Call an
ambulance, wait for the clinic to reopen at 6, or drive to a hospital. She
came back with the nurse of the only doctor there, and she took me straight
back to a room. They gave me several shots and took my blood pressure
constantly. I watched all this from the ceiling looking down. Very
weird. They kept asking me questions and the children would answer for
me. It was funny. I was told I would be tired for the weekend, but that
was the beginning of Chronic Fatigue that lasted 9 years for me.

I have spent the last 13 years avoiding bees. I was stung by a hornet on
the back of my leg in 1999. By that time we had purchased a Venom X,
which we had used on spider bites and such. I immediately found the Venom
X and used it on my leg. I am happy to say that all redness disappeared,
and I never had a sting mark. No pain (after the shock) and no swelling
(I swell from mosquito bites), and no redness.

Last Sunday I was stung by a Yellow Jacket. This was a very adult Yellow
Jacket and it did not sting me I grabbed a handle and it was on the handle
and so I stung myself. This hurt a great deal, it was throbbing and I
could feel much of the venom pulsing into my finger. I went to get the
Venom X. I could not find a stinger, but I used the shock three times (as
instructed) in a cross pattern. I felt tired afterwards, but no swelling
or redness. I currently have a little bump like a splinter is under the
skin and it itched just a little.

With each of the last two stings I was very careful to use the Venom X as
instructed and I paid very close attention to my breathing and vision to
make sure the anaphylactic reaction was not happening.

I recommend this to everyone I see. Beleive me, the small shock is
nothing compared to 9 years of Chronic Fatigue and all I had to do to
overcome that. Not to mention all the problems with getting to a clinic
in time for treatment.