Cattle Prod and Snake Bite - Donna S. - Colorado

We have had the good fortune of learning about Direct Current electricity for curing anything from ant bites, and spider bites to rattle snake bites. We live on a cattle ranch in eastern Colorado and have had the misfortune of having many dogs, calves, cows, bulls, and horses bitten by the dreaded rattle snake. We have saved many lives by using the dc current of a “cattle prod” or also known as a “hot shot” to nullify the enzymes of the venom to stop the destructive process of the flesh rotting and the air ways being shut off because of swelling.

I personally have been bitten by a black widow spider and used the hot shot on myself to nullify the venom from a spider. I also have been bitten by a red ant and had my brother “hot shot” me to stop the sting of the ant that bit me five times. I was only “shot” for four of the bites but by the time days of agonizing pain went by from the fifth bite I was sure wishing I had done one more.

Here are some pictures of a horse that we nearly lost because of the size and quantity of venom he had from a rather larger rattler, but the horse is doing fine and has had no ill effects from the bite and didn’t even loose skin around the bite. We "hot shot" the horse on two different occasions the same day. The first time I blindfolded the horse and hit him five times on the nose with the hot shot. Then later that evening my brother had a neighbor put him to sleep for a short time so the could shoot him about ten more times. This was an unusually large snake bite and much more toxic than the smaller ones we have dwelt with before.


Horse after bitten by the snake.


Horse after the swelling had gone down from the treatment.

The sooner you apply the shock the better, but any time there's swelling the bite, the Hot Shot helps to shrink the swelling. It only takes a set amount of charge to nullify the venom. It is the size of the animal and how much swelling there is when it is discovered which determines how much shock you give it. A bigger animal usually requires more juice than a smaller animal. We only use the normal Hot Shot cattle prod. No leads are necessary. I usually try to shoot as much juice into the bite as possible, but I've found it really does not matter where around the area you charge them, just as long as you get enough in there to do the job. Sometimes a second shocking session is necessary if you don't get enough in them the first time. It generally only takes 12 hours to see noticeable changes.

I have never had to try it on a bee sting, or wasp sting but you can bet if I get stung by a bee or wasp I’ll sure be using DC electricity to thwart the venom to prevent disastrous results of reacting badly to the sting. This particular dog was bit on two different occasions. The first time I only zapped her three times and then later the same morning I had to zap her again three more times as the the first go did not get all the venom nullified. The second time she got bit I zapped her eight times to make sure I got it all.


Snake bitten dog.


Dog after treatment had neutralized venom and taken swelling away.

The pictures of the dog is just one of many we have successfully saved from the ravages and torment of snake venom.

In our part of the country we have a lot of poison weeds and “bad water,” I have used a combination of DC electricity and hydrogen peroxide to save the life of many animals that have fallen victim to both bad weeds and water. When that happens they suffer the same symptoms as a human stroke victim and they lose their ability to eat, drink and even stand and walk sometimes. When I have given the hydrogen peroxide in what we call the main line (jugular) it’s most effective there but intramuscular and subcutaneous works to some degree as well. When you use the DC electricity with the peroxide it seems to also nullify some of the effects of the toxins in the brains and helps with a shorter recovery time in some cases. Animals that have received the traditional antibiotics generally die where the alternative stuff works better most of the time. - Donna S. - Colorado.


This is a "Hot Shot" brand cattle prod similar to what Donna uses on her property.