E C W A Church No 1 Banganje

E.C.W.A. Church No.1 Banganje^
P.O.Box 34 Billiri,
Tangale D.C.C
Gombe State.
14th November, 1997

Our Dear Dr.& Mrs Jereniah Gado
Dear Sir/Madam,

Calvary greetings in the most precious and gracious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Sir, as mentioned above, on behalf of the entire church and the council, I would like to seize this opportunity to register our profound gratitude, thanking you for the concern, love you had and still having for your people Tangale, specially Banganje. The gift is so marvelous, we lack some appreciative wordings towards that, only thank you.
Likewise the council has act and resolved that after thanking you the report of what the engine had done should be send to you. The Lord has done it, through you from this engine. For many lives were saved because of the snake bite. It was not limited to Banganje area, as you can see below:

1995 record, it was not taken or recorded, but it was assumed that about 15-20 people have received a tremendous aid from the engine.
1996 - 20 people received the aid; The following is how it has worked Banganje 5 people, Billiri 2 people, Tangland 4 people, Todi 2 people, while Kufai had 4 people. When summed together you have the total number of 20 people.
1997 - 54. people received the help from the engine. Banganje 9 people, Billiri 5 people, Tangland 6 people, Kalmai 4 people, Kufai 4 people, while Komta 1 person.
Above is the record Sir, when need arises for the details we are ready for that.

Some observations made by the Council;
- When the engine got spoiled (which we are not praying for such, but in case) any means of getting it into order or normal for further usage.
- Sir, is there any means of having or getting another one? if possible we will appreciate that. Thanks.
- Failures:- Some people after the trial no success, and we assumed it this way that they stay longer before coming for treatment.