This page contains information on electronic shock generators.


The V-Zap is a revolutionary device which uses a modified pulse to painlessly inactivate venom from bites and stings.
There are several units available ranging from $249 to $349. These are currently being trialed in Central America and are proving effective.
They can be found at e-stingrelief.com


This EcoSave is manufactured in Italy but not currently available in the US.
or email ti.demincet|tekram#ti.demincet|tekram

Nova Stun Gun

The Nova XR-5000

25Kv Stun Guns

918-341-6715. The price is $65.00. You send the money to PO Box 123 in Claremore, Oklahoma, 74018, USA

A 25Kv unit is also available from docsdetecting.com The price is $44.00 1-800-477-3211 EXT. 14,
3740 S. Royal Crest Street • Las Vegas, Nevada 89119-7010

Other Stun Guns

Cheap, 100KV+ stun guns from overseas have flooded the market. There effectivity hasn't been fully evaluated. It is very common to see stun guns being sold with claims of over 1 million volts and we would caution against their use. Experience seems to indicate that a voltage level of less than 75Kv is the range where most people obtain successful results, although some accounts of ultra high voltage stun guns have been reported. The higher the voltage the more risk of injury to the patient, so high voltage stun guns are often advised against.

Cattle and Livestock Prods

Cattle prods have been used with great effectiveness against both snake and insect bites. The Hot Shot as been reported as being quite effective. Cattle prods have a range of power depending on manufacturer, but a good average is approximately 4Kv to 8Kv of electrical output with a 1mA to 2mA current flow.

Hot Shot Power Mite (4500v)
Price is $45.00

TENS units

Some people have reported success using TENS units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) with great success against Brown Recluse spider bites and even snake bite. They are sold for use with blocking body pain. Prices vary from $35 - $75 plus depending on features.


Mosquito zapper


Tecnimed Mosquito-Click for mosquito bites


Battery & Coil

This design consists of 4 "D" cell batteries, an automobile coil and a method to generate pulses.
(Design provided by Lloyd). Pictures soon to follow.

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