STAR Spring Zapper

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Tim Design

Here is the picture of the latest revision of my zapper design. The spring is a cord return spring from a weed eater about .25 " high. It gives around 8 rotations to the drum in less than a second. Two more pairs of magnets could be placed on the other side of the drum to triple the number of pulses. This unit should then give around 24 to 30 HZ . You have to be really cranking on the Wade Machine to get that many pulses. There are notches around the drum to act as a ratchet to hold the drum in the wound up position. A spring loaded lever engages these notches and acts as the release. This will allow one person to use the device on themselves, something which is very difficult at best with the Wade Machine. It will be at least as powerful as the Wade machine but in a smaller package. The long arm of the coil has an addition which is iron or steel, that redirects the field of the arm to the magnet. This enables the small size of the flywheel.

This design has a 5mm aluminium plate as the base which everything except the release mechanism is mounted on. It is super cheap to build and the flywheel is also quite cheap to make. The CNC chap can make one up without the case etc quite quickly as a proof of concept. The only doubt I have is about the diameter of the flywheel, because it is smaller the magnets pass slower past the coil and this may cause the voltage to be lower. This design also is super easy to add 2 or even 4 more magnets to.

The flywheel shaft is stainless (so the flywheel can be removed for service), the bearing is a roller skate bearing ( held in with a circlip) the rest can be HDPE or NYLON or aluminium. All screws are 3 mm dia thread approx. The machinist will have to tell me what is the best thread. The flywheel is secured on the shaft with a non stainless (nickel or Zinc) socket head cap screw.

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An attempt at Tim's Design
Take a look at a 7Meg movie of this design in action HERE

Bob Design


The Wade Machine

Wade from North Carolina spent many years designing and manufacturing over a thousand of these hand crank spark generators. They can be found in all parts of the world where the humidity is high, the terrain is rough and where batteries die fast and can't be easily replaced. His shocker has treated hundreds of venomous bites and there are many testimonials to it's effectiveness (to be posted shortly). Sadly Wade passed away several years ago and this device hasn't been manufactured sense.

Below are some pictures of his device. Click on the picture to make larger


The Yakentim Machine

The following design was made by Yakentim for his father in Africa. He sent and email with the design instructions and a picture. See below:

Here's the picture of the snake bite machine I sent home with my dad to Africa. I estimate I could build one from scratch for about $175, including shipping and handling for some of the parts. There is a price discount on the Martin Gears for large orders, so it could potentially cost less.

I built this with off-the-shelf parts. I wish I knew how to fabricate gears. That could potentially bring the cost down.

I used the lock washers to clamp on to the center part of the ball bearings. Prior to assembly in the lumber, the nuts restrict the center part of the ball bearing to the threaded 3/8" bolt, and allow the outer part of the bearing to spin. I drilled one inch holes, a 1/4" deep, into the lumber. (The thickness of the bearings is 1/4") This is where the ball bearings rest. Once mounted, the outer part of the ball bearings are stationary, and the center part spins with the threaded bolt. I drilled out a 3/4 inch hole in the center of the 1 inch egress, so the bolt and outer nuts could protrude through the lumber. To remove some of the slack between the ball bearing and the holes in which they rest, I used a 1/4" strip of masking tape around each bearing.

Anyway, just thought you'd be interested in seeing what I've accomplished. I sent this home with my dad last weekend. I hope to hear back soon whether it works. Unfortunately, that means he'll have to find a guinea pig. But, I guess that won't be a problem since we're in the middle of snake bite season.

I intend to document how I put it together. I'll do so if I end up building another one. I don't have the funds to do so at the moment though. If dad says it works, then there's a friend that might pick one up for a missionary family in Kenya. I would then build one for her and document it as I go, seeing as I don't have the money to buy more parts at the moment. For the time being, this picture should suffice for someone to repeat the process in the event God calls me home before then! :)

We'll be in touch.
~ Yakentim

General Parts List:
Note: These values don't include shipping and handling costs from Sears, Martin Gears, and McMaster Carr.

MFG Unit Price QTY Price
ASSY Flywheel Sears 19.24 1 19.24
Ignition Module Sears 24.25 1 24.25
Spur Gear Martin Gears 37.43 1 37.43
Spur Gear Martin Gears 13.27 1 13.27
4 Ball Bearings McMaster Carr 3.62 4 14.48
Lumber Lowes 5 1 5
3/8" bolt Lowes 1 6 6
3/8" Washer Lowes 0.2 20 4
3/8" Nut Lowes 0.2 16 3.2
3/8" Lock washer Lowes 0.2 9 1.8
8/32 bolt Lowes 0.15 2 0.3