Mike And Myra From Grace Brethren

First letter

Greetings Wade,
14 Sept '94

I trust that you and Jenny are both doing well. Sure would love to be tinkering in your shop with you or out in a 172 flying around Aiken.

We are all doing well. We are in Bangui for the week doing lots of different things for the mission.
I have included a small card that gives you the age, name, and type of invenomation that the patient had. ALL of these patients had symptoms of invenomation (pain, swelling, redness, incision marks etc..). ALL of these patients recovered without the use of injectable antiserum.

A side note* Barbara Wooler who works in the rain forests with the Pygmies will be in country for five weeks to do a survey. Someone stole het ZAPPER and she just wrote me asking if she could borrow mine when she is in the forest for five weeks. Also, MIKE TAYLOR NEVER LEAVES HOME WITHOUT HIS PERSONAL ZAPPER. Finally, Amy Volovski has a personal testimony of a complete recovery from a scorpion sting about three months ago. From horrible pain to none in 15 minutes. I have personally only had to use it on a scorpion bite and it worked.

Wade, lives have been saved and I am sure you will agree that one life saved was worth all of your efforts. In case we forgot to tell you. Thanks brother for your hard work

I am encouraging the men to keep more specific records for you. Co-laboring with you
Because of him,
Mike and Myra

Second Letter

For Wade: I often get bit by a common black fly here. It is more common close to water (pool, river) but I have even been bitten at church before. I apparently have an allergy to the bite. I rarely see the bug bite me, but a bit later on the area swells some, gets red and feels feverish. If I have several on my legs at the same time, I can barely walk. Within a few days the poison red area has enlarged as if it has gone in the direction of the blood circulation - down my leg. The itching doesn't stop until 2 full weeks have past. When I use the "shocker" as we call it, the effect is minimized tremendously! I still have some itching, but I am able to handle it. Thanks for giving it to us.
(From MH) Hey! Thank you so much for the pens. Just yesterday I said how neat it would be to have some as I tried to correct a mistake in my book report. I am sure I will really enjoy using them. You are so sweet to think of sending them to me. I love you and miss you a lot. Please tell Laura E. that her letter just arrived today. (It looked as if it had been through the flood!)
Hug the doctor for us all. We love you.