TENS Unit Brown Recluse - Lisa Brumfiel

Lisa Brumfiel is a Blog Talkshow host based in Nevada, she relates her story about a Brown Recluse spider bite she received, I also suggest that you listen to her radio show about her experience at the link below: Radio show about experience

"Here is what I have recently learned…treat any venomous bite with electricity! Either a stun gun or a TENS unit. It will bring circulation to the area and break apart the molecular structure of the venom. This works for bee stings, mosquito bites, spider bites, and snake bites too! I think everyone should own a TENS unit. They are not that expensive and are great for sooooo many things!!! Back pain, cancer, venom bites, circulation issues, and ???? ………"

"So in Las Vegas we have brown recluse spiders and black widows. I researched what both bites looked like, and mine was definitely a brown recluse. It happened when I was sleeping on a sofa so I did not see it, but I had seen brown recluses in the garage and outside.
I took a picture of the setting I used for my bite.

I placed an electrode directly on the bite and then the other about 6 inches above it. I turned it up as high as I could. By the way the wound was growing, and weeping, I had lock jaw and a headache, felt dizzy and my heart raced. It wasn't ulcerated. It was a large mound that was weeping a clearing yellow liquid. It was getting very red around the edges. Thankfully I got it early.

I did not find anything about a TENS unit online…I only found articles on stun guns. I had a stun gun and a TENS unit, but I decided to try the TENS unit first, it was less scary. It was about 5 hours after the bite that I treated it, and it worked! The swelling went down immediately and the lockjaw / headache slowly subsided. The sooner you treat it the better.

It is my belief that the disulphide bonds of venom are weak, and that electricity breaks them apart rendering the toxin inert.
I have heard from people who use this method on bee stings too…and do not have allergic reactions to the venom even if they are allergic."


Three days after the bite was treated.


Six days after the bite was treated.

The setting I had my TENS unit on for the treatment.