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Why Does It Work?
The biological reason electroshock treatment neutralizes the incompatible alien proteins of snake venom remains unclear. Besides proteins, snake venom contains enzymes and trace elements that could easily be uncoupled or ionized by high-voltage electricity. In the British medical journal, The Lancet (Dec. 6, 1986), C. Kroege and K H. Meyer propose the theory that electricity may neutralize the snake venom by destroying the secondary and tertiary structures of enzymes by influencing their hydrogen bonds.

High voltage electricity may also reduce metal ions that are attached to harmful enzymes, thus making these enzymes no longer destructive. Also since body tissue is negatively charged and snake venom is positively charged, unlike charges attract. With the application of electricity, venom may become negatively charged, thus negating its magnetic attraction to body tissue.

An Electronic Snakebite Kit
As a result of Dr. Guderian’s successful FIRST AID treatment technique, pilots, missionaries, mining engineers and many explorers are now carrying stun guns into the jungles of the world as standard first- aid gear. Even doctors in many remote regions of the world are using and having good results with this method of treating snakebites.

Since this FIRST AID treatment has been known for several years in the U.S., anyone who dies as a result of a Crotalid snakebite or being allergic to bee stings has only the ignorance of their own doctors to blame if this technique is not at least tried on them, whether in conjunction with traditional treatments or not. It is certainly something to remember if anyone has suffered a mass attack of “killer bees.” If all the reports are true, to continue denying electrical treatment to bee sting and snakebite victims in the face of so many successful patient recoveries is simply tragic.

Emerging Treatments
Depending upon how quickly treatment is administered, multiple electric shocks are some-times necessary, but swelling and pain disappear, and recovery is complete when a charge is applied in the early stages after being bitten. For most snakebites, 20,000 - 25,000 volts (at less than one milliamp) like from a modified stun gun is sufficient (The Lancet, July 26, 1986 p. 229). Researchers are experimenting to determine how wide a range of animal poisons can be neutralized in this way.

It seems that primarily the hemotoxic poisons (destroyers of blood and other tissues) in snakes are affected by the electro-treatment. There is not enough data on how it affects the neurotoxic venoms (which attack the nervous system, resulting in paralysis of the diaphragm and bodily muscles) of Elapid snakes (cobras, corals, mambas, etc).

Jim Scroggins, vice- president of Nova Technologies, the originator of the Stun Gun, found it also works wonderfully on fire ant stings as well. His wife, Donna, is extremely allergic to fire ant stings. While doing some yard work one day, she accidentally got stung by 4 fire ants. Scroggins spanned the sting sites with the stun gun probes and gave her 2 quick half-second zaps. She did not go into her normal anaphylactic shock where her breathing would become extremely difficult. Her pain quickly stopped and no blistering or swelling appeared. The normal emergency room visit for such a mishap become unnecessary.

More Research Is Needed
Even though the curative principles behind electroshock treatment remain puzzling, expensive antivenin and heretofore lethal snakebites could both be a thing of the past if only doctors would seriously investigate the reasons behind why this new treatment works. Years ago, Bill Haast of the Miami Serpentarium developed some immunity to the neurotoxic venom of cobras by injecting himself with minute amounts of the poison, and then gradually increasing the dosages so that more and more antibodies could build up in his system.

You’d think it would dawn on some serious researcher to do a similar experiment using a stun gun. Through small injections of hemotoxic venom coupled with shock treatments from a stun gun, the truth could easily be demonstrated. This would also silence doubting doctors thinking that Guderian’s Indians had an immunity or that the snakes didn’t inject much venom ?!__MDS

Publisher’s disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to recommend, but to inform. Since controlled laboratory experiments have yet to be tried, the author and publishers accept no responsibility for results obtained by using this treatment.