Electric Shock Guidelines & Protocols

Whenever using shock, the following IMPORTANT guidelines should be followed.

  • Using shock on venomous bites is a FIRST AID measure.
  • It must be ONLY High Voltage pulsed Direct Current (DC) 15KV to 100KV at around 1mA as found in:
    • Small internal combustion engine ignition systems.
    • Stun Guns up to 100KV (over 100KV is more distressing on the patient and not necessary).
    • Cattle prods have been know to work.
    • Car ignition systems have been known to work. (Common sense should be used, some can pack quite a punch. Remove the primary coil wire to keep the engine from starting).
    • Electric fence chargers (DC variety) have also been known to work.
  • It should be administered within the first 20 minutes of the bite and should not be used if the process could reduce the transportation time to a medical facility.
    • Success has been observed with applications up to 3 hours after the bite was received.
  • Shock should NOT be applied to head bites or those near the heart.
  • Most documented cases used the spark generated by pulling the crank of a small engine (with the spark plug lead removed from the spark plug to keep the engine from starting).
  • Apply 1 second shocks directly to each bite incision, with a rest between applications.
    • 8 applications have been shown to be sufficient, more do not seem to be a problem.